Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Three Things I've Learned this Summer

It's been a while, I know, but I'm back with a post about Three Things I've Learned this Summer. I'm linking up with Aileen Miracle from Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for today's post. Click the link below to go to her post and see all the other bloggers who are participating.

 Three Things I've Learned this Summer

1. Technology integration

I was selected to attend my district's Ed Tech Success Initiative (ETSI) this summer and have spent the past two days in intensive trainings. I am realizing that I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to meaningful tech integration in my classroom, and am wrapping my brain around how to do it in a one-device (for now) classroom. We've learned about ISTE standards, models of tech integration, ways colleagues within our district have been integrating technology meaningfully.

I'm struggling with how to do this, in some ways, while still keeping my students active music-makers, but I think I'll find some great integrations as the year progresses, especially now that I have some background.

2. I truly have the BEST music colleagues - EVER

This summer, I was chosen to work on our Curriculum Committee, re-designing and updating our district curriculum to reflect our new instructional materials adoption, and to add listening examples, mostly from YouTube, where appropriate. I spent most of the summer working with six other teachers on this project and the discussions were AMAZING. We debated one aspect of our curriculum and where it fit for over an hour! Yet the dialogue was never disrespectful. It was fun to participate in the "inside" workings of my department.

3. I wish my home life was as organized as my classroom/school life

I confess - my classroom is OCD organized, and getting more so each year. My home on the other hand, tends to fall to the wayside. Now, I'm not talking dirty or grungy, but it has nowhere near the level of organization my classroom does, and I'm finally realizing how much that makes me CRAZY! Although I won't have time to make that a summer project at this point, I am setting forth a goal of organizing one part of my home each week until I have a place for everything and everything in its place. I am also going to be ruthless when it comes to keeping versus tossing. I did that once already moving from Ohio to Texas, and am going to do it again now that I am starting my third year here. If I haven't needed/used it, it's gone-zo!