Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What's on My Desk

Hi everyone!  I can't believe how bad I've been about blogging this semester!!  It's been crazy at my school, I've moved to a new home, as well as other assorted distractions.  But... back at it!

Today I'm linking up with Mrs. Tanenblatt at Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt for her "What's on Your Desk?" Linky Party.  Click the picture to go to her blog. 

Every year, I start out with the goal that my desk will stay neat and organized and not look like an unstable pile of stuff. Well, this year I've managed to keep that goal (so far). Here's a picture of my desk. 

So, what's on my desk?  Of course, my computer and accessories - I sit my monitor on a stand so that I can slide the wireless keyboard underneath and bring out the wired keyboard with number pad when I'm working in Sibelius or another program that is numerical data heavy. 

The background goes with my room theme, Superheroes. I hung a shelf from IKEA and the racks and baskets from IKEA for my VCR/DVD player, iPod Dock, Zenergy chime, writing utensils, remotes, lotion, dry erase markers and cloth, tuning fork, whistle, and other random small items.

My sub binder is always on my desk with a set of emergency activities.  The 'kid plague' has been going around, and even teachers haven't been immune.

My big project right now for my classes has been to enter all of Denise Bacon's 185 Unison Pentatonic Exercises into Sibelius so they are easier for little eyes and brains.

The right side of my desk has miscellaneous resource books, decor and anchor charts to be hung as students learn about them, and data tracking charts for our special education students.

Overall, my desk is a pretty functional space.  Hopefully I can keep it this way - there's enough chaos in this music teacher's life without having to sort through massive piles on my desk every day. 


  1. I love how organized your space is! Those IKEA racks look awesome and super functional!

    Thanks for linking up,

    Rachel Tanenblatt
    Music With Mrs. Tanenblatt

  2. I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Congrats! Here is the link of how it is done