Monday, June 30, 2014

Five Favorite Pins of June

Hello everyone. Today I'm linking up again with Aileen Miracle for her Five Favorite Pins of June Linky Party.  My Pinterest account is still fairly new, so I don't have a whole lot on it yet, but I'm working on it!

Click each picture to be taken directly to the pin. I haven't figured out how to embed the pin properly so I'm just going to link a picture of the pin.

#1. Solfa Texting Sticks

I love, love love this idea! I've seen it pinned a couple of different ways, but like the idea of the hand signs. My other thought is to take my Solfa Street house graphics and shrink them down to fit on the stick. I plan to make sets for each concept level, starting with so-mi.

#2 Rhythm Abacus

What a great way to manipulate rhythms! This idea comes from Amy Abbott. I love that she uses two separate noodle segments for showing the half note, so students MUST show an understanding that it lasts for two beats.

#3 Slap Rhythms/Melodies

This idea comes from a classroom teacher's blog, but by putting either rhythm patterns or melodic patterns on each of the cards, the idea could come to the music room. This would be great with a recording for a sub day.

#4 Door Decor

This is just cute. I'm always looking for neat ways to decorate my door.

#5 Mystery Walker (Musician)

What a great way to have all students on their best behavior. I think instead of making it a Mystery Walker I would make it a mystery student and use their seating number to watch them during the entire class period to see if they earn something special - maybe line leader?

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  1. Great pins! Thanks so much for joining my linky party! :)